Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Come, Gabriel

We're going to run a triathlon today. A swim in the ocean, a run from Santa Monica to Newport Beach, and then we're going to wrestle on a trampoline on the back of a truck as the truck drives across Compton.

If that doesn't work, then I think Sarah's not really pregnant. It's all a prank.

Wait, she's coming in the door now - and she is unloading - oh no. No. It's scuba gear. Oh God, Gabriel, for the sake of your poor non-swimming father...!

While Sarah does jumping jacks, let me upload pictures of the finished bed.

Uncle Chris working under mama bear's supervision

We had to wash the bed's linen because, um, there was an incident...

Of course, Schroeder. Always Schroeder.

Freshly washed, the bed now hangs next to mama bear, with a baby mattress designed and sewn by Sarah herself while running a treadmill at full speed...


Hal Johnson said...

I think Gabriel is just resting up for the big event.

Anonymous said...

Gee... I leave town for a few days and when I return you've made 500 entries to your blog!! (and STILL no Gabriel!!)

You know..... he'll wait until he's good and ready. Patience, parents.... patience!!

Oh...and as far as what Hal said about Gabriel resting up.... you and Sarah better be doing the same!! Life is never the same again!!! (but oh, so good!!!)


Anonymous said...

Trust me... Gabe is comin' and he's comin' soon and the feeling you'll have when you first look into that little face will never have an equal!

Kelly's right. You and Sarah better triple up on the sleep (perhaps a double coma to be broken when the countdown has really begun)... From that time on, for the foreseeble future, your middle names with be "sleep-deprived".

Baby bird's nest looks so cute!

Your cat's gonna be jealous.

Won't be long now!

Tell Sarah to go to friends houses and move furniture. That's what I would always do....move heavy furniture. :)