Monday, May 26, 2008

Django Therapy

The baby was fussing and squalling. He had eaten, he had offered up a lusty belch, and he had a fresh diaper on. He was simply awake and discontent. No-thank-you to the pacifier, and the bouncing and usual noises were not doing anything for him.

What to do?

We've known since the pregnancy that this little pooper has a thing for music, and it was to music I turned this time. I put on Django Reinhardt.

Within seconds, he stopped crying and opened his eyes wide, following the music intently and startling with every new instrument and opening his eyes even wider when the Red Hot Jazz Quintet crashed together into complicated chords.

The kid has good taste. His favorite music so far seems to be from Hamza El Din, the Gipsy Kings, Roderigo y Gabriela - and Django, cool!

So, please enjoy a little bit of Gabriel's music:


Lance Roger Axt said...

A -

What? No Van Morrison?


Anonymous said...

Viva Roderigo y Gabriela! And thanks to young Gabriel for reintroducing us. I lost them after marveling at them on Letterman sometime ago. Exquisite taste!