Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones Has Nothing On Me

Dear Dr. Jones,

Thus far I am unable to follow your new adventures in search of the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (and the longest movie title ever) as I have been very busy with adventures of my own.

What do you know about dodging peril and uncovering dangerous artifacts, Indy? Do you know what I have been through this week?

Let's talk about ducking geysers of pee!

Let's talk about diaper changes that would scare off all those ghosts inside that ark you found.

Let's talk about baby screams so high-pitched and loud that the ficas tree bleeds.

You? You join some amulets to staffs, load your gun, coil up your bullwhip. I had to assemble a baby swing with illiterate instructions and inscrutable diagrams! There is no language, living or ancient, that makes sense of an artifact like this.

And the weeping, Indy! Mama weeping, baby weeping, while the cat and I look helplessly at one another.

It's a demanding existence, Dr. Jones, but at least I can look down at my lap and see where my treasure lies (sleeping contentedly - for the moment).

* * *
Speaking of Indiana Jones, this is really funny:

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Sarah said...

I'm so happy to share this treasure with you.