Friday, May 16, 2008

Let's Try This Again...

Let's make another attempt at the post that blogger irretrievably ate earlier today.

Here's the show, followed by a tell:

With this speech, following his speech in North Carolina when he won the primary there, it looks to me like Barack Obama is shaping up as a candidate.

Mind you, during this speech, I did yell at the screen when he complained about the money spent on the current wars. Senator Obama did not vote against a single appropriation for this war, and did not demonstrate leadership in the Congress as some of his colleagues did, attempting to utilize the power of the purse to curtail this disaster while providing for the security of our soldiers in Iraq. Obama was a critic of the occupation, but not much of an opponent.

If he prevails in the election, this speech demonstrates how he will do it: calling these bullshit negative attacks out for what they are, returning to the record, and talking sense. I am not in love with Obama, nor do I agree with him about many things. If he can maintain this demeanor and intelligence, maybe a more wholesome style of politics will prevail.

It's going to be a very ugly campaign. There will be race-baiting. There will be fear-mongering. Obama will be declaimed as a radical muslim in one ad, and taken to task as a bad Christian in the next. It doesn't have to make sense. But Obama must, and more importantly, so do we.

If Senator McCain wins this election, there is an excellent chance my boy will not only have to help pay for the Iraq occupation, but actually go and serve there when he's of age. That's bad enough but there is more. The Cheney Doctrine of Madness has got to be stopped for the sake of our Constitution itself. This is no exaggeration. The invasive powers granted to the Department of Justice and to Homeland Security are a material threat to the identity of this country. Executive power must be restored to a proper balance with the other branches of the government.

It is bad enough - it is inexplicable - that this President will be allowed to finish his second term without so much as a censure. He will never be punished for his crimes or the damage he did to this nation. The best we can ask for, then, is for this party to be turned out of office and for the country to move on and start repairing the damage done to our union.

Who else can do it? The Greens are going to run Cynthia McKinney. The Libertarians are offering us Bob Baar. No thanks. I'm not enchanted by Obama, but he is willing to talk sense. What a giant step that is. How far we have fallen.

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