Friday, May 23, 2008

We're All Just Sexist

It has nothing to do with her flaws as a candidate. Apparently, there are no legitimate concerns about Senator Hillary Clinton. According to a new movement of Clinton supporters none of that stuff is important. The only reason she has not been crowned as the Democratic nominee is that we're all just sexist.

Funny, I thought I was concerned about her record on foreign policy. I thought I was put off by transparent lies and evasions. I thought I was dismayed by her outright reversal on the Florida delegates and the overblown rhetoric covering up the fact that she is breaking a pact she entered with her rivals, and blowing it up as a civil rights issue, comparing to landmark liberal struggles in the United States and the crisis in Zimbabwe!

But no, that's not really it. It has nothing to do with policy or leadership style or substance. I'm just a sexist creep who wants to deny Pat Schroeder her lifelong dream of seeing a woman President.

Oh, and according to these folks, there isn't really much racism in the campaign.

Okay, bringing the sarcasm down: History has been made by this woman's candidacy. There is no longer any question that a woman can present as a credible and popular candidate for President of the United States. A new doorway has been definitively opened for women. It's good news and high time. It's worth celebrating - but this rhetoric is not really about that. It is still one more campaign tactic.

To hear Gloria Steinem and Pat Schroeder talk about it, we should simply put all our concerns aside and elect this woman President because she is there - even if she is, by the standards of a great many voters, not fit for the office herself. Their personal desire to see a female elected President trumps everything else. Moreover, they elevate the sexism Hillary Clinton has encountered ("Iron my shirt!" signs at the campaign rallies and pundits comparing her to a nagging wife, and of course the sexism that doesn't show its face so clearly) yet ignore the racism that confronts Clinton's rival for the nomination.

Digusting, disgusting, disgusting; and utterly demeaning to an intelligent politics. This threatens to become Hillary Clinton's legacy, and she is capable of so much more, so much better.


Anonymous said...

I can assure you, Hillary's gender plays absolutely no part in why she won't get my vote. (just as race/religion plays no part in why I won't vote for Obama)

This whole presidential campaign is only going to get MORE disgusting as we creep towards November!

okay. I'll zip my lips now.


Andrew said...

It saddens me that we hear so much about racism and sexism, but hear nothing of the chauvinism. Chauvinism, biased devotion to any group, attitude, or cause.

If we are going to be down on those who don't vote for candidates based solely on race or gender (and be down on them we should) then we should also be down on those who do vote for a candidate based solely on race and gender.

Hillary said it best. We should treat this as a job interview. Race/gender have nothing to do with her lack of qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...racism, sexism, gender discrimination.... it's all about the label. Equal opportunity PC run amok.

I saw the cries of gender discrimination coming along with the spector of racism.

I guess ( as a dinosaur ) I should have seen age discrimination rear its ugly head.

After all, we need equal opportunity discrimination.

This election season has been endless and is getting uglier and uglier as it rounds the bend to head down the home a snail's pace.

I guess concentrating on the issues is too much to ask.

Anonymous said...

oops...forgot to say it's Pam.

Hal Johnson said...

Yeah, I'm astounded by the stupid stuff that sometimes spews from the mouths of intelligent people.

quidrock said...

I'm always embarrassed for women that blame sexism for everything. Sigh. It's not sexist to NOT vote for Hillary. It's just a way to not have to see her revert back to the snide, elitist, uber-liberal muck raking politician she is, under all this patina.