Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Might Think This Is The Year of Change

...but don't count the Democrats out yet. I keep seeing developments suggesting, in this of all years, the Democrats seem determined to pull themselves apart and lose the general elections.

They have had me worried this spring. It looked to me like they were about to nominate a talented, charismatic, and sensible politician for the Presidency after a long and historic primary campaign that reached all fifty states. (Thereby encouraging the nominee to begin campaign organizations in every state and U.S. territory.)

It was looking that way, but I'm getting a funny feeling those fussy Dems are going to eat each other - and their nominee - alive yet again, lose an election they have no excuse for losing, and subject us to another Republican administration controlled by authoritarian personalities pledged to dismantling Constitutional rule, expanding the powers of the president, and fomenting ideological wars regardless of their consequences for the United States.

It cannot all be blamed on a megalomaniac candidate who is doing her damndest to assure that her party will lose if it does not nominate her. It's what Democrats do often. They don't lead - and they regard true leaders as persons who invite backlash and cost them elections. They look down on and fear rural voters and even the working class. They quibble with one another, lose the big picture, vote to approve and fund wars they know are unjustified, and they lose the damned elections anyway.

Am I hard on them? Yes. In a republic shackled to an undemocratic two-party system, one of our two "permitted" parties is inept and ineffective. It will take a lot to undo a politician with the momentum and the unique opportunity possessed by Barack Obama - but if anyone can squash him, the Democrats can.


Hal Johnson said...

I agree. The election belongs to the Democrats unless they throw it away, and they seem on a course to do just that.

Okay, tell the truth, Papa A. Did you write this post before Gabriel was born? Because, sheesh, if you have the presence of mind to have put this together with a newborn at home, you're a hell of a lot more man than I am/was.

Algernon said...

Wrote it today, but it's a theme that repeats a lot in this blog. And I am thinking about the direction of this country and our world only more so now that a baby is squalling in my lap.

Hal Johnson said...

Nevertheless, my hat's off to you, A. When I was at the point you're at now, I don't think I could remember how to tie my showlaces. I was happy, though. It's a funny feeling, feeling exhausted AND happy.

And it's always occurred to me: I'm wasn't even the one to give birth. Hm. Who came up with that "weaker sex" tag for women, anyway? Must not of been a father. At least not a father who paid attention.