Sunday, June 22, 2008

Encounter with a Peace Activist

This morning I was walking up the boulevard with our laundry. Two Trader Joe's tote bags stuffed full of dried linens were in my hands as I trudged up the hill. We are in a terrible heat wave and I was taking it nice and slow.

I approached an intersection and stopped at the curb to wait for the light, the bags of laundry on either side of me like well-behaved dogs. The quiet of the scene was ripped to shreds by the sound of a car's horn, which warbled Doppler-like as the vehicle sounding its horn was driving towards me. Looking to my left, I saw the car. It was a full block away, driving slightly but not outrageously fast, and the driver was leaning on the horn as the car approached the green light, and continued as it made its way through the intersection. I looked through the windshield and saw an elderly woman in dark glasses and a wide-brimmed sun hat, who was gesticulating madly at me. She indicated the light and shook a hand towards me, pantomiming, "Don't you dare even consider crossing against the light."

I opened my arms to pantomime, in response, "What on earth are you yelling about? I'm standing here on the curb waiting my turn." The car passed me and released its horn only when it had passed through the intersection and left me behind. I watched the car go and I noticed the bumper sticker:

War is not the answer.


Pam said...

Ironic, no?

Did you have that I'm-desperate-and-about-to-jump-in-front-of-
a-car look about you?

Peace activists can be ruthless! :)

DeeAnne said...

Eeep, must have been the day for it. The guy in front of me this afternoon with the "coexist" (you know the one with all the religious symbols) blatently blew through a red light that had been red for at least two seconds, honking, and flipping off the cars in the intersection.....

Algernon said...


quid said...

Slices of modern life, Alg.