Friday, June 13, 2008

Live at Dharma Zen Center...

This Sunday, I will be at Dharma Zen Center answering questions at a public dharma talk. Come on out and bring your father (or your child) on Father's Day.

Dharma talks at the Zen Center are very beginner-friendly and open to all. A member of the Zen Center community gives a short introductory talk about their practice, and then there is an open question and answer period that opens up a spontaneous and lively discussion of this practice and its benefits.

At 10:00 AM there is chanting followed by a period of sitting. If you arrive late, aim for about 10:30 and find a seat upstairs after the meditation period is over. That's no problem. But the chanting and sitting are quite enjoyable as well.

The event is donation-only and highly recommended. You will see first-time visitors and along with 30-year practitioners. Come on down.

The Zen Center is located at 1025 S. Cloverdale Avenue, near the corner of Olympic and Cloverdale, in the Miracle Mile area of town. Call (323) 934-0330 for more information.

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