Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Magnet For My Car?

Despite that impressive speech by Senator Dodd (see previous entry), only 15 members of Democratically-led Senate - you know, the Democrats who won back the Congress in 2006 promising to defend the Constitution and civil liberties - only 15 Senators voted against cloture.

And their Presidential candidate was not among them.

This morning I got an email from the Obama campaign asking me to buy a magnet for my car. A magnet for my car! Great, I could cover up that body damage I can't afford to repair from where that big rig ran into me in 2006!

I wrote back to them suggesting I would rather put a magnet on my car saying NO TO THE FISA AMENDMENTS ACT or A CONSTITUTION WE CAN BELIEVE IN or THE AUDACITY OF CAPITULATION.

The way things are going, maybe a magnet for my car would be less appropriate than, perhaps, a decorative tapping device for my phone.

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Jane R said...

I wrote the Obama campaign a few days ago in response to another e-mail of theirs complaining about the FISA vote. He's still our candidate, but it's our job to hold him accountable before and after the election. Let's start now.