Friday, July 11, 2008

Another Blow To Our Legitimacy

The damned thing is now law.

And Barack "Change We Can Believe In" Obama supported it, although he opposed it before he supported it - as did McCain.

I feel such sadness about what has happened to my country - and such disappointment. The things to which I feel the most loyalty about my country have been utterly sold out, and this new law is another strong blow to its very legitimacy. To my mind it is that serious. Either I'm wrong, or things are too far gone for it to matter anymore.

Either way, I am losing interest in following the campaign. Under 2-party rule, with these two frauds at the head of their bumbling organizations, I don't foresee a meaningful result anyway. Okay, someone will remind me about Supreme Court appointments.

Somehow the Roberts Court doesn't appear to be doing nearly as much damage as the executive and legislative branches are doing. But that's just a heartbroken citizen talking.

Anyway, I'm busy packing.

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