Saturday, July 05, 2008

Love or Bowel?


Pam said...

I vote for bowel. There's that distinctive reddening in the t-zone of the face! ehehe

Would I be wrong in thinking that Schrod is not too fond of the newest addition to the family?

Did I get the name right? Schroder?

I love love Gabe's hair! My kids and grandkids didn't have that much hair at 2, much less as infants!!

Well, Bryan, my oldest grandson did. Hid dad didn't.

Algernon said...

Schroeder is like that. He's just as soon kill you as lick his paws. With Gabriel, he's actually been very good. If we had brought home another cat or a dog, there would have been trouble. He regards Gabriel as a useless human being who never plays with him or gives him tuna treats. He does not realize that one day, about a year and a half from now, Gabriel is going to be pulling his tail and trying to wear him like a scarf.

Hal Johnson said...

That was so doggone cute it was hard to stand. Before fatherhood, I would never have thought pooping could be cute.

Man that kid has some hair!