Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The accumulation of things, the items that are needed, the items that have been put aside somewhere and forgotten about, the papers I never get around to sorting, all come into focus as we prepare to move 800 miles east and south.

Last month, a sliding door opened: an elementary school in Deming, New Mexico offered me a brand-new position as a performing arts teacher. Working full-time in my field for the first time in seven years was just gravy: we saw a job that would give me plenty of time to spend with Gabriel and attend yong maeng jong jin, and puts Gabriel near grandparents, mountains, and streams.

This was a clear "just do it" decision. Today the piano movers come for Sarah's piano (actually, I think of it as a very large ukulele tuner). On Saturday, the main caravan heads out and on Sunday we will arrive at a house we rented "sight unseen."

The cat could not be happier with all the boxes that are stacked up around our place. The baby is on a certain schedule and I have had to switch to late-night zazen for the time being. My sleep schedule is a little strange - and brief.

There are 39 steps leading up to the apartment. (I happen to know.) To ease recruitment of friends to help load the truck, I have been loading our kickshaws and fetters into the garage. Somehow people become more available when I tell them they will not have to climb up and down those stairs 100 times.

Said my goodbyes to the youth center yesterday and received a very nice donation to Gabriel's education fund from my boss. Goodbye, South Central. Goodbye, skid row. Goodbye, downtown and Little Tokyo, Kwan Seum Bosal, Kwan Seum Bosal, Kwan Seum Bosal.


Pam said...

Ah, the new adventure is about to begin! New beginnings are fraught with so much joy, hope and anticipation!

For what it's worth, this one feels right to me. I think this will be a wonderful experience for you, Sarah and Gabriel.

Having grandparents near to help is also a plus. It's also wonderful for Gabriel to have that special relationship on a regular basis.

A child can't get too much love!

As for the moving part....I don't envy you that. I destest moving! I sincerely plan to never have to do that again.

Next time I move it will be when I'm scattered somewhere in the wind! :)

Have a safe journey!!!! You'll be my next door neighbor!

Ji Hyang said...

Good luck-- kwan seum bosal
may your all this seeds of new beginnings quickly take root and blossom...

Kelly said...

I wish you all the best in this new adventure!

Lance Roger Axt said...

NM seems a better fit for you! There you can practice real art away from the Hollywood BS. Have fun, let me know how it goes - must introduce you to some friends of mine in NM who have an arts space...

Hal Johnson said...

Somehow, I also see New Mexico as a good fit for you. Best of luck with your new position. I'm happy for Gabriel that he'll be close to grandparents.

Anonymous said...


Again, I hope that all will go well with the journey and move.

This will be an exciting and wonderful new experience for you, Sarah and Gabriel. And I would like to wish to all three of you all the best.