Saturday, July 05, 2008

My First Radio Play Airs on September 26

For some time, I have been eagerly (somewhat nerdishly, I suppose) haunting the website of the Shoestring Radio Theatre waiting for them to post their summer schedule so I can see the listing for my first radio play.

Brief recap: on a dare from an old Conservatory friend, Mr. Lance Roger Axt, I wrote a radio script and had myself a ball, reading the pages out loud and laughing at all hours of the night. It was submitted first to a national audio theatre festival, and then to Shoestring up in San Francisco. Shoestring recorded the play this spring, and are now set to air it on San Francisco public radio September 26. (You can also listen to it online at their website.)

Here's the page with the listing. Is it not rather marvelous that people are still doing radio theatre? God, they've got a new play up every week...


Pam said...

How exciting! How fun! I bookmarked the site. Remind me again closer to the 9/26.

Yes, it is rather marvelous. My dad owned a radio station when we were growing up. In fact, until his death.

He wrote his own scripts, etc. In fact, I had my own radio show when I was a little kid.

I was the little lady from safetyland! Went in and read my scripts every week.

I still remember meeting Paul Harvey when he came to our home while in town once.

After my dad's death Paul Harvey did a program about him. I stil have it on a eulogy one of Daddy's employees made and delivered on the station after his death.

My dad would be smiling down on you, Alg! :)

Kelly said...

Will this by any chance air on XM Satellite Radio. (there are so dad-gummed many channels on there I don't know what all is offered!) I would just listen online, but that's probably not an option for me. I have satellite internet which is faster than dial-up, but not as fast as cable or DSL.

Algernon said...

Kelly, I don't know if XM picks up the Public Radio Satellite Network programs, but it would be worth a look. The theatre's website,, has a few other suggestions about where and how to listen in...