Friday, July 04, 2008

Something Patriotic

Was going to post a word or two about the 4th of July. Then the baby pooped and breakfast wasn't done and we're going to San Clemente today.

Happily, I came across something stirring I would have been happy to say myself. So I share it with you here.

Happy 4th.


Pam said...

Babies tend to poop quite a bit. :)

The best laid plans of mice and men can be waylaid by the mewling and puking of wee people.

I did enjoy your patriotic link, however!

Ji Hyang said...

From all that has shamed us, what can we salvage?
Be proud at least that we know we were wrong,
That we need not lie, that our books are open.

Praise to this land for our power to change it,
To confess our misdoings, to mend what we can,
To learn what we mean and make it the law,
To become what we said we were going to be.
Praise to our peoples, who came as strangers,
Praise to this land that its most oppressed
Have marched in peace from the dark of the past
To speak in our time and in Washington’s shadow,
Their invincible hope to be free at last…

a poem by Richard Wilbur, on the occasion of the Statue of Liberty centennial- courtesy of

kwan seum bosal