Monday, July 28, 2008

What Kind of Idiot Plans His Move Across The Desert in July??

Family Portrait on Moving Day
at The Coffee Table in Los Angeles
(Note the Angeleno in the background working on his screenplay)

The truck, packed to the last inch by Andrew and Chris.
The cab was also packed tightly, and every time I hit a bump things would fall on me.
My car, packed to the last inch as well.
It was all so heavy I would press the gas and wait a few seconds for the truck to move.
Stopping was fun, too.
Especially driving through the severe thunderstorms in Arizona.
Like an idiot.

Vehicle #2, containing:

(1) Sarah
(1) sister of Sarah, saintly helper
(1) crying infant with loaded diaper
(1) housecat, hissing at anybody who approaches the vehicle

I-Hop, You Hop: Breakfast Stop, Day #2 of the drive--



Child resting his voice

Our Home in New Mexico, a work in progress...

Piano expertly damaged by Ben Hur Moving Company.


Kelly said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the photo-journal of your move.

Every time I see that cat in a picture I smile! How's he adjusting to his new home?

Pam said...

I LOVE IT! Love the photo journal and the tags! I also loooove I-Hop!

Poor piano. :(

What a cute new abode!

I imagine traveling across the desert in summer is not fun. Right HERE, right NOW it's not fun driving to the store or even walking down to the mailbox!!

We're on day 18 of triple-digit heat this year with noting but triple digits on the horizon! *Sigh*

Moisture, non-existent except for the sprinklers.

Hope the little family is settling in the new digs!

Jane R said...

Here, too much moisture.

You pays your money and you takes your pick. ;-) Or not.