Sunday, July 27, 2008

Your Messages To Adam

Dear readers,

We are so grateful for your responses to our previous post, and your friendly e-mails to our contact at Budget. Yes, I did botch the link to his email box and for that I apologize. Your efforts were not in vain, however. I created a central email address and forwarded your messages.

DeeAnne's appeared as a comment in the previous post. Here are two more responses we enjoyed enormously...

Hi Adam. It's Adam.(Yes, one of Algernon and Sarah's many friends-- I'm also friends with their son Gabriel, although truth be told I haven't actually met him yet. One of these days, I'm sure.)Anyway. I understand they entrusted a piano to you and your company to move from Los Angeles to Deming NM. And that your company promised to have your subcontractor deliver it within 7 business days.Now, I realize that Deming isn't the vast metropolis that is Des Moines, but still, a promise is a promise, after all. And 7 business days is a long time in this Just-In-Time day and age. I am hoping that in the name of Adam's everywhere you won't let Algernon down. (and by this I mean you will go the extra mile for him-- or in this case the extra 705 miles) Well, it's hard to say that the 705 miles are extra, as they paid you guys for them. Hmmm... speaking of which, they should probably get a discount for your company's failure to live up to their promises. I'm just saying-- that's the right way to handle it.I trust that you will (as the saying goes) Do The Right Thing here.Anyway, it was great to make your acquaintance, Adam, and here's hoping that this is a story with a happy ending.

* * *

Dear Adam,
I am one of Algernon's former supervisors. He worked for me when I was the Director of Interreligious Affairs at the American Jewish Committee's Los Angeles office. It might seem odd to you that the Abbot of a Zen Buddhist Monastery would be the Executive Assistant for a Rabbi, but I can tell you from experience it was a very good and productive pairing. What made Algernon so good at his job -- and so helpful in making me good at mine -- were his gentle professionalism and serene spirit. He simply wanted the world to be a better place and invested himself diligently in working to make it so.

His most recent project, as I am sure you are by now aware, has been to improve the world of an infant child by providing the child's mother with her piano, an instrument of goodwill and joy within their small family so recently uprooted from a comfortable existence among cherished friends here in Los Angeles. Can you not spare a bit of your time and attention to assist him in that cause? If you cannot do it because it is part of your job -- or so one assumes -- do it because in a gesture of almost unprecedented altruism Algernon gave up the City of Angels for the God-forsaken dust-blown Hell-hole called Demming, New Mexico. (Personally, if I owned Hell and Demming, I'd live in Hell and rent Demming out, if you fathom my drift.)

So, Adam, let's just assume you hate your employers at Budget and want to make them look terrible. No one would disagree that you're doing a pretty good job at it, but do you really want to create this kind of bad karma when dealing with a Buddhist priest? The only other guy I knew who took Algernon for granted ended up working for a group of Azerbaijanis and spent way too much time shuttling between Encino and the garden city of Baku. Believe me, it's not pretty.

* * *

Unfortunately, this saga has a whole new chapter, as the piano arrived today with massive damage. Cutesy messages to Adam played no part in this - in fact, Budget Van Lines played no part in it whatsoever. We now turn our attention to a very bad moving company named after Ben Hur , an insurance adjuster, and - who knows - perhaps litigation.


quid said...

Since the piano had taken on a life of its own, for me... held hostage far from the life it loved, with insensitive kidnappers...

I gotta say how horrible I feel that it was damaged. I can't imagine how Sarah felt.

Justice is on your side, my friend. Sic 'em.


Jane R said...

Oh, shit. I am so sorry.

Sorry to curse, but I am an Episcopalian, and we do that.

How awful to have a beloved musical instrument harmed.

Sending good vibrations, prayers, and wishes for swift and just resolution. Skillful means. Right speech.

Kelly said...

What a shame the piano was damaged!!

I hope things get resolved to your satisfaction.