Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm Going To Announce My Running Mate ANY SECOND NOW

Must be a slow news cycle. Every news outlet I look at has these headlines proclaiming that Senators Obama and McCain, two candidates for President, are going to announce their running mates sometime soon.

Well, yes. Their party conventions are coming up, they've probably decided or have a strong inclination by now, and we might hear this week or over the weekend. I'm content to wait.

In fact, I'm not even waiting. It's not keeping me up at night. McCain and Obama are both disappointing enough. How is a VP candidate going to make either of them more exciting?

This is fake news. It's a big headline letting you know there's no news on this topic yet. And even when the word comes, it isn't altogether significant anyway. (Unless McCain picks a Klansman or something farfetched like that.)

Sorry to be a buzzkill. By the way, I'm going to have another cup of coffee any minute now. Check back for videos.

Also, check back tonight or tomorrow for more Gabriel media! Pics and vids to make you smile! Gabriel smiles! Gabriel takes his first self-defence class!

And Gabriel addresses rumors he is on Obama's shortlist for VP!


Donna said...

I knew that kid was going places!! What a gorgeous face!
Can't wait to see the self-defense class video!

Slow news cycle is right. I'm also not being kept up at night.

Pam said...

Oh my goodness, look at that adorable baby!!! Precious laugh!

Actually, I heard that both Obama and McCain have been knocking down your door wanting Gabe for their running mate.

That's OK, Gabe man, you may be short but the only shortlist you're on right now is Mama, Daddy and those grandparents!

Although....that face would sweep the female vote!!!

joyfulmom said...

I'd vote for Gabriel in a heartbeat!

He's so cute. I'm sure you and Sarah are wrapped around his little baby fingers and engulfed in love for him each time he giggles and coos.

quid said...

Gabriel would add a certain level of dignity to the undignified world of American politics. Even so, let's hope he chooses another career. He's wonderfully smiley!