Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Baby Stockhausen and More

Recent offerings in the classical-music-arranged-for-baby genre are getting weirder and weirder.

Baby Stockhausen is said to be mystifying but delighting infants with several Glockenspielstucke, the Kontra-Punim, a Stimmung composed for six gargling daddies, and his Mantra played on toy pianos and an electronic mobile. There are, however, reports of suicides among fathers who begin beating their heads against hard surfaces in their home while the CD is playing.

Baby Wagner is surprisingly good if you listen to it enough times. Likewise, Baby Cage and the babies reciting Hugo Ball in Baby DaDa.

My favorite of the new selections, however, has got to be Baby Trotsky. This stirring collection of Russian labor songs and patriotic folk songs, accompanied inevitably by glockenspiel and soft keyboard effects, actually comes with an implement of destruction for when the parents get sick of hearing it. It's an ice-pick, of course.


Pam said...

I vote for Baby Trotsky, myself.

I've read so much negative stuff, so much debunking of the Baby Einstein genre stuff in the last few years.

Probably can't hurt, but probably not all that stimulating either.

You could be onto something with the Baby Trotsky, however.

How about a Baby Silas Marner on tape? (I'm one of the few people in the world that loved that book!) It's not Trotsky, but baby would sleep well and parents would cry.

quid said...

Baby Trotsky. I love it.
I'm really into poetry and lyrics more than music, however. I vote for Baby Neruda.


Donna said...

I'm a sucker for the glockenspiel!

Baby Wagner - no!

So let me see if I'm understanding this - the Itsy Bitsy Spider is out and Stockhausen is in?

Get out!

Donna said...

Oh yeah, I vote for Baby DaDa (The complete works, including visual stimulation!) Hours of fun!