Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Traffic Cameras

Our brand new computer has a defective memory card, and it shuts down suddenly without warning. So this blog will be quieter than usual.

This morning's Las Cruces Sun-News has a letter from a concerned citizen about cameras at intersections, which Las Cruces is considering putting up at intersections to catch people who run red lights. These cameras are common in Deming, and increasingly common in Los Angeles, where I previously lived. The cameras in Los Angeles are bigger, more obvious, like the clumsy lumbering daleks from the old Dr. Who TV show. The Deming cameras are much more subtle, perching on the power supply wire overhead like a sparrow.

The citizen's concerns seem almost quaint. What about the studies that suggest an increase in rear-end accidents at intersections with cameras? Do the cameras have any deterrent effect at all?

Oh, sweet person. It's not about any of that. The cameras are there to raise money. That's all it's about.

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Pam said...

Actually, I have to disagre with you, Alg.

We have them here. We've had some really horrendous accidents in the last few years ( I witnessed one ) from people running lights.

Especially at intersections with high traffic, especially during rush hours, there needs to be a penalty for red-light runners.

This is not an issue where only the driver is at danger. Those who run lights cause accidents, many of which are deadly.

Do they raise money? Of course.