Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Buying Books From O'Keefe

Desert Exposure has an entertaining profile of Dennis O'Keefe's book shop in downtown Silver City.

The last time I was in there, I found an old edition of Mark Twain stories and essays dating from the 1920's. It's a compact book PACKED with Twain. There are Tom Sawyer stories in there I had never heard about, the entire text of Pudd'nhead Wilson, and other, lesser-known works. Four dollars.

It's a tight little shop with newspaper articles taped up in the windows. The Desert Exposure article doesn't mention it, but Dennis pays close attention to politics and is easy to engage in conversation on the subject, from the local to the national. He knows his regular customers well and on Saturday mornings I always find him chatting with people. One time, I heard him give a lengthy discourse on the stupidity of daylight savings time.

(For the record, the web link in the previous sentence is simply an interesting website -- I don't know whether the website represents all of Dennis's views.)

It's a slow news week here at Casa D'Ammassa, where school is back in session until Christmas, Gabriel is very close to crawling, Sarah is teaching music at home and playing piano for the neighborhood Methodist church. Sarah and her sisters decorated the place with tinkly lights and wreathy things in observance of some holiday or other.

Christmas shopping, right. Goodie, another reason to visit O'Keefe's!


Hal Johnson said...

I've heard of Silver City, and I've always meant to check it out. I broke down in Lordsburg once in a helicopter, but alas, it was too far to walk.

I understand that Deming and Las Cruces prospered during the real estate boom, but Lordsburg was pretty much bypassed.

Kelly said...

O'Keefe's looks like a great place. Wish I could visit and do a little browsing.

On the subject of DST.... I've always hated it!

Enjoyed checking out your local UMC. I've been a Methodist for all but 10 of my 50 years.

Algernon said...

The locals make all kind of jokes about Lordsburg, Hal, and I can just imagine what they'd say about you being marooned there. Personally, no matter where I am, I just remind myself that I am not sitting on the 405 in West L.A. and the scenery always improves.

Silver City is really neat, especially the historic downtown. Although it is functioning as a modern town, you can still look at it and see the streets where Dangerous Dan Tucker once walked with one hand on his gun, ready to dispatch lawbreakers or get out of the way of the storm waters flooding down Yankie Street.

Kelly, I attend service at that church with Sarah and Gabriel on Sunday and found it a nice place. the pastor is a big friendly bear of a man with a scholarly salt-and-pepper beard, quite befitting a Methodist minister. He told an amusing story about a creche somewhere which had its baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph all fitted with GPS devices in case they were stolen.