Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Is Coming, Where Is The Tylenol?

Christmas is a-coming. The dead tree sits in our living room with colorful balls hanging on it, and Sarah feeds it ice cubes. I constantly measure its proximity to the heating unit and wonder at this bizarre custom of dragging shrubbery in the house, decorating it, and then flinging it into the trash. I have learned to keep these comments to myself now, as otherwise people stare at me in horror. A Grinch in the flesh, I am.

In school, I've set the students to playing Christmas-themed improvisational games, trying to sneak a little bit theatre-related content into their holiday ruminations. I told a few of my classes this week they had better hope Santa wasn't watching. Indeed, a call to Santa is a more serious threat than a call to the parents. Santa has rank, but only for a few weeks out of the year.

There are a few gifts under the tree, festively wrapped and waiting for the day. The best gift of all, however, is the prospect of some extra time in that bed. The bedspread even resembles gift-wrapping.

The other day, Sarah asked me, "What is your favorite holiday?"

As I associate holidays with stress, peculiar activities, and demands on time and money, this question is a bit like asking me, "What is your favorite symptom of hypertension? Do you enjoy the headaches most, or the swollen eyes, the sleeplessness, the ringing in the ears?"


Kelly said...

Gee, Alg... you really ARE a Grinch! LOL!

Actually, I can easily become "Grinchish" myself this time of year.

As a Christian, I try to stay focused on why I really celebrate the holiday. For that matter, I can celebrate it in my heart (along with Easter) all year long (and without the stress!).

I hope you and your family enjoy the holidays! Give that cute little Gabriel of yours a squeeze for me!

Btw... check around and see if there's any place that accepts discarded trees after the holidays. They make great structure (for the fish) in lakes and ponds. Oh wait, are you in the desert? Yeah, well. It's a thought.

Pam said...

No Bah Humbug around here! No matter what, when I put up the multitude of decorations, usually solo, often at risk to life and limb, I am tramsported into the spirit of the season.

Yes, it's stressful, hard on the pocketbook, often chaotic, but I still love every moment of it.

Easily, my favorite holiday. I've had fun at school for the past few weeks wearing my large collection of Christmas-related tees and jewelery to school. The kids love it. Elementary teachers all love to dress the part.

Winter parties were today. Tomorrow is early release and the beginning of Winter Break.

I will enjoy getting some extra sleep and time to catch up on many other neglected projects between tomorrow and Jan. 7.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you, Sarah and the little man! Starting next year or maybe the next one you'll get a whole other take on Christmas through Gabe's eyes.

My boys are still believers in Santa, even at 9 and 11.

Who am I kidding??? I'm still a believer at 64!!! :)