Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Week of More Sitting, Less Blogging

This time of year is when Zen Buddhists remember and observe the occasion of Buddha's enlightenment (rohatsu, in Japanese). Dates vary from one community to another, but in December is when you will see many Zen temples host a ceremony and, perhaps, a special meditation retreat or a week of intensified practice.

In that spirit, I've been blogging a bit less and sitting more. It's too cold in the morning to sit on the porch, so I use the living room, listening to the heater roar like a jet engine while baby and mama sleep soundly.

Yesterday, I was engaged in conversation in the teacher's lounge with one of the fifth grade teachers. She was in the middle of telling me something interesting about her class when another teacher walked in, interrupted us, and immediately engaged the other teacher in a completely different conversation about losing weight. The woman I was talking to forgot about me all together and went into a very graphic conversation about the liposuction surgery she had undergone -- in so much detail, I was quite embarrassed.

How people will talk! Attentive silence can be such a gift.


Kelly said...

I know it's cliche, but truly "silence is golden".

Wonji Dharma said...

Open your mouth,
already a mistake.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha,
dae-an, dae-an, dae-an.