Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Are We Truly Made Of?

Comment I left on Barack Obama's website today:

Several officials in the Bush Administration have admitted, or come very close to admitting, of their involvement in actions which are unambiguously war crimes.

While I do not generally recommend that an incoming President hunt down representatives of a previous administration and punish them, we are talking about something very different here. It is not enough to wait for these men (and woman, if we count the current Secretary of State) to go away. If we are a nation based on morals, there has to be a response to what has taken place in our name and carried out with our resources.

I refer to our policies on torture, a subject of anguish and shame for our republic. I am aghast to see the Vice-President admit to approving illegal torture as an interrogation tactic on national television, aghast to see the excuse offered that these things were done with "good intentions."

There should be a sober and orderly process to bring these actions to light for the historical record, and if proof exists of crimes, the culprits should be tried in a fair legal proceeding. That is the kind of country we are and this, of all times, is a moment when we must demonstrate that to the world.


quid said...

Bravo! January 11, 2009 makes the 7th anniversary of the first arrival of "terrorists" at Guantanamo.


Wonji Dharma said...

Reminds me of what Nixon said to David Frost, "If a president does it, then it isn't illegal." We are a nation that holds its leaders accountable for their actions. If we aren't then we have lost our way and become what we stand against. Therefore, we must either disband the government or exercise its original intent. Thanks Algenon, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Bravo indeed.