Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who Says I'm A Grumpy Santa?

Hey, I wore the Santa hat on the last day of school and played ukulele with two mariachi guys -- Mr. A, a second grade teacher, on guitar and one of the janitors on electric bass - on stage with the second graders singing "Feliz Navidad." Mind you, I was prepared, if invited to sing solo, to raise my voice with "Fleas on my dad! Fleas on my dad!"

I am so Christmassy, I smell like pine.

I am so Christmassy, Bill O'Reilly defends my honor on his show.

I am so Christmassy, there are coupons to help you buy me in your newspaper today.

I twinkle like little colored lights and fall off the spool like your last bit of festive glossy wrapping paper. I crunch like early morning snow under your feet when you're on your way to go sledding down that hill that lays a little too close to the street for your parents' comfort.

I'm even thinking of suggesting that my county get involved in a Christmas tree recycling program next year, like the one they've got in Charleston, South Carolina.

Ho ho mufuggin' ho!

I wear the floppy little hat and Gabriel laughs like it is the funniest thing he has ever seen. Don't get more Santa than that. The anti-Scrooge, that be me. Sometime tonight my parents arrive to stay with us for the week. Blogging will be irregular like always. If you don't hear from the Grumpy Santa before then, happy ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!


Pam said...

Grumpy or not, enthusiastic or reluctant, Sana you are and will be, with increasing gusto, for the next so many years.

The delighted face of Grabriel will melt the heart of even the grumpiest grinch!

Have a wonderful Christmas with the family! Not to mention a Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

What a great recycling program! Just think... if you try and implement a similar program in your area they just might put you in charge of it! Then you can feel Christmassy all year long (doing whatever you have to do to keep that compost "composting").

Ho ho ho back atcha.

Algernon said...

LOL, I actually began researching it.

quid said...

Loved the recycling program... picture of you in the floppy hat would be in order. We should all get to laugh at what Gabriel laughs at this Christmas.

Have a wonderful holiday! quid

Algernon said...

I was photographed in it, but the photographs have not been shared with me yet.

In the meantime, I found out that one of the composting facilities in Las Cruces is accepting Christmas trees for composting. That's 120 miles of driving, so I probably won't make that trip just for our tree. However, since the project is already up and running there, I may be able to organize some way to collect and transport trees there. The best solution, though, from an ecological standpoint, would be to get the city's tree service or a local service to chip the trees right here in Deming.