Friday, January 16, 2009

230 Future Terrorists Neutralized - Huzzah! Huzzah!

A friend of mine, a rabbi in Los Angeles, sent me an email picture of a spoof newspaper. The premise was, what if the New York Times had covered the Holocaust? Needless to say, every headline was absurdly slanted against Jewish people, respectfully quoting Nazi spokesmen while casting doubt on the events and the concerns of the victims. As satire goes, it was expertly produced. Coming from my friend, I felt very sad.

Is this some kind of warning shot across the bow, that there is something inherently anti-Semitic about feeling any reservation about Israel's actions and their aftermath?

The previous entry of this blog was a video of commentary by Bill Moyers about the conflict in Gaza in which he criticized not Israel or her need to defend herself against terrorism, but he asked the intelligent question: what retribution will follow? It is the humane and crucial question we must ask. When 65% of those killed in Gaza are civilians, when out of 700 casualties 230 are children, how does a human being not ask questions?

And yet the Anti-Defamation League has equated these questions with bigotry, and accused Bill Moyers of anti-Semitism for that clip I shared with you.

What is more sobering still, however, is something Israeli President Shimon Peres said on Wednesday of this week. "Israel's aim, he said, was to provide a strong blow to the people of Gaza so that they would lose their appetite for shooting at Israel."

My God, he said it. He even dispensed with the complaint that Hamas hides behind a "human shield." He even dispensed with the notion that this was being done to eliminate Hamas. No, President Shimon Peres actually considers every Palestinian citizen guilty of "shooting at Israel," makes no distinction between them and terrorists, and condemns them collectively to death.

Can Peres really be speaking for Israel, our friend and ally, while he essentially accuses his own government of terrorism? Because when you target innocent people (did I mention 230 of the 700 dead are CHILDREN) in order to make a point to their leadership, we call it terrorism.

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Andrew said...

I think everyone can agree that a country has a right, even an obligation, to defend her citizens. If rockets were being fired from Mexico into Los Angeles, I would like to think our Government would step in and put an end to it.

Having said that, a right to defend does not mean a right to slaughter innocent civilians, children, in an attempt to "provide a strong blow". You called it correctly. That is terrorism, pure and simple.

Additionally, does anyone think that the citizens of Gaza, when this is all done, will forgive and forget and go on with their lives? No. Mothers have died. Sons and daughter have died. Brothers and sisters have died. All at the hands of Israel. That is what will be remembered and I would all buy guarantee there will be retaliation at some point.

This who sad process will continue.