Sunday, January 18, 2009

For You and Me

Pete Seeger, 89 years old, singing our true national anthem, "This Land Is Your Land," as part of the inaugural celebrations. Bruce Springsteen is playing and singing along with him. Can you spot George Lucas in the crowd, singing and dancing? Nice.

And they sang the radical verses, too. Love them.


Jane R said...

Thanks, Algernon. We had the same reaction :-).

Ji Hyang said...

Thank you for posting this-- it is quite beautiful.
A healing.

quid said...

Algie -

I hadn't retrieved this yet from YouTube when I tuned into your blog this morning. I promise that I sang along with as much gusto this a.m. as I did when I saw it yesterday.

Seeger looks like an American elf, and what a highlight for his wonderful career (although they could have used a ukelele).

I am taken back to two things, and I thought I would share them with you. I owned a banjo for two years, and this was the only song I could ever play in its entirety. My fingers literally itched with it this morning as I did my own version of Air Banjo.

This was a particular favorite (she liked the Kingston trio doing it best) of my legendary Aunt Alice. I remember singing along with her one summer day in her back yard, with her twelve string, her Pall Mall voice, the two of us having our own little Vietnam protest before my Uncle Virgil (staunch Republican) came home. I'm thinking '68 or so...I was 14.

Wonderful memories. Wonderful day.


Jane R said...

Well, speaking of private property... HBO made YouTube take it down. Grrrrr.

Wonji Dharma said...

You know I remember when he was banned from appearing on the Smothers Brothers Show in the sixties.

Jane R said...

Truthout has a working video up, with all the words to the song! I linked to it.