Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's The Neighbors' Fault?

In Michigan, a 93-year old man fell behind on his electric bill. The electric company put a limiter on his meter, to restrict his power use. As it got cold and he needed more power to stay warm, his power was shut down entirely. He froze to death in his home.

A sad story, but here's the punchline. The electric company made an earnest public statement in response to the tragedy -- blaming the neighbors!


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Donna said...

"The limiter was tripped sometime between the time of installation and the discovery of Schur's body," Belleman said.

No kidding. He should be working for the FBI, to be able to piece that together.

He didn't know if anyone had made personal contact with Schur to explain how the device works.

I think I know the answer.