Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mesilla Contemplates A Walk On The Wild Side

"We're a tourist town...they and visitors from Las Cruces come here to eat lunch every day and we're going to drive them away because they can't use their [cell phones]. We're taking a risk!"

That was a member of Mesilla board of trustees, reportedly interrupting the mayor's presentation about restricting cell phone use by motorists in order to say GO NOT THERE! Don't you see, the local farmers and business owners NEED to conduct business on the telephone while driving around. It's a recession! No one can afford offices anymore! This is the sweet land of liberty, Mr. Mayor! Keep your laws off of our Motorolas!

It is a fascinating thing to see him tout Mesilla as a tourist destination while simultaneously insisting that people want to spend their time there talking on the telephone. And the argument that the lunch business would be crippled if they make drivers use a headset is pretty interesting, too. "You know, Charlie, I was thinking we could go over to El Comedor for lunch -- but now I can't send text messages while I drive there, so let's just hit the McDonalds on Lohman."

Los Angeles enacted its restrictions on cell phones in cars last July, and apparently tourism has not fallen off dramatically -- and people still eat lunch there. Even so, is the risk just too much for Old Mesilla to take?

Stay tuned.


Pam said...

I read somewhere that vehicle accidents due to cell phones were almost up with the stats on drunk driving.

Our NEED to be constantly connected is really a sad commentary on our society. We have enough hostile and inattentive drivers out there as it is.

Cell phone use is bad enough. Texting is just downright criminal while behind the wheel.

quid said...

Mesilla, Wasilla????