Thursday, January 29, 2009

More on the Appalling Death of Marvin Schur

That 93-year old man who froze to death in his home?

Bay City Electric Light & Power is no longer saying it's all the neighbors' fault.


Hal Johnson said...

It doesn't speak well for us in the U.S. when a man can survive World War II, then freeze to death in his own home.

Pam said...

I have found this story chilling, to put it mildly, and no pun intended!

The practice of 'limiting' ( esp. without knowing the age or circumstandes of the customers ) should be criminal!!!


Jane R said...

This is a horror and has been haunting me.

I've had to go without heat for most of the last week (mercifully it got above freezing and also my hot water heater is separate from the house heat and the electricity works) due to lack of money and I can only imagine what it would be like to be forty years older and forty degrees colder. This is a scandal. I think of my own parents who are 90, my dad who is a WWII vet -- I am so glad they are warm where they are (in Boston! brrrr) and so grieved that this man died as he did. I can't even bear to read the follow-up story.

If I were into vengeance I'd say jail the b******s but really, they should do tenfold restitution and give heat to every elder in the city. Thanks for telling us about this.

P.S. Payday was yesterday and I have heat as of two minutes ago!

Algernon said...

I'm glad you added that postscript, Jane. I had begun rooting around in the drawer for my checkbook.

Jane R said...

I'll holler at the end of the month if I need to ;-).