Monday, January 05, 2009

Nerds For Paine

Sarah came in and handed me a glass of beer. (She almost never drinks a whole one herself, so she pours me a glass.)

And she called me out on my dorkiness. "I find it funny," she said, "That you added Thomas Paine's birthday to our calendar."

Yes, I did do that. I added Benjamin Franklin's, too. Other historical birthdays this month include FDR and Alexander Hamilton, but I didn't bother adding theirs.

Thomas Paine's birthday is on January 29 and during our holiday break I wrote an op-ed essay about Paine, his birthday, and the inauguration of our 44th President. It is going to appear in the Las Cruces Sun-News some time around his birthday -- they informed me of this today. When it appears, we'll link to it here, just to revel in my nerditude.


Another reason to celebrate today is what appears to be a very heartening Obama appointment, someone who has been an outspoken and blunt critic of excessive Presidential power and domestic surveillance, and will now work for the Office of Legal Counsel. Paine, who was on fire about tyranny invading our republic, would approve.

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Kelly said...

Hey, nothing wrong with nerdiness. One of my kids is pursuing a history degree in hopes of going on to become an historian/history professor.

Nerds, geeks, whatever... there's a place in the world for ALL of us!