Monday, January 19, 2009

Poetry Out Loud

The NEA and the Poetry Foundation have got our children reading and reciting great poetry all over the country.

This year's contest is underway, as each state gets ready to select their representative for the national event. Deming had its city-wide competition on Saturday night, and your humble correspondent served as one of the judges. Three winners got cash, and the grand prize winner got cash as well as the trip to Santa Fe to compete for the state competition.

The judges made me the award presenter, which I was only too happy to do. I know these kids from the monthly open-mike night, and it was a treat to call their names and hear them applauded.

(Algernon gives the winner, Megan Schaeffer, her envelope. Runners-up Grace and Justin are in the background.)


Jane R said...

Great photo!

Izzat a porkpie hat?

Kelly said...


Like the hat.

quid said...

YAY! Thanks for celebrating poetry. Another positive vote on the hat.