Saturday, April 18, 2009

We're Home

We took a week and had a family vacation in Los Angeles, driving out there on Sunday and returning today.

The traffic did not seem worse than we remembered -- but it is bad enough. In fact, the traffic is even harder for me to deal with as my child rides in the car with us. The anger at the reckless incompetence, so routine that people delude themselves that this is something we can and should put up with as "normal," is enough to make me tear a car apart to get at the driver whose driving habits are an invitation to manslaughter.

While we were out there in that nightmare, my friend Quid also had some thoughts about traffic.

We love our friends, we only wish they didn't live so far away and in a place that is so miserable to navigate.


quid said...

As bad as it can be here in Tampa... I've promised myself to never try to drive in LA again. It's madness.

Glad you made it thru.


Kelly said...

Good to have you back in blogosphere with us, safe and sound.

Btw... you can imagine how a "yokel" like me feels about driving in traffic!

Pam said...

Yes, welcome home, safe and sound!! Glad you had a nice vacation seeing friends.

The traffic here in the Dallas area is about as bad as I care to experience any time soon.

Again, glad to have you back in the blogosphere!

Hal Johnson said...

Once you get away from driving LA traffic for a while, it's all the harder to tolerate, ey?

Here in Redding, people complain about the traffic jam on Cypress come 5 p.m. They have no idea.