Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hail Summer

School is out, and I am sure we are all in on the fact that teachers feel just as jubilant about this time of year as the kiddos. Hail summer with all her exploding flowers and stinging bright colors! I got to sit on the porch with my wife all morning playing drums with my one-year old son, looking at me as if shocked that the old guy was hanging around for a change, banging his pint-sized floor tom and dazzling me with that gappy-toothed smile of his over and over again.

There's wine in the rack, tea brewing on the back step, food in the cupboard, my friend Chris is coming to visit us for a few days, I cracked open a nice long novel (Umberto Eco's Baudolino), and my wife is enjoying the time, as well. (Today she actually got some time to herself while I grabbed the boy and recited Shakespeare as we navigated Deming's crappy sidewalks -- and I mean crappy, as in, "What the hell is this?? Sarajevo during the civil flippin' war? Jesus H. Contractor, send us a sign, we're jumping potholes here!!!")

And I have a little more -- not a lot more, but a little more -- time for writing.
It's good, it's good, it's good.


Pam said...


We don't get out until a week from Friday at noon. I am sooooooo ready, and I know my boys are, too!!

So, I'm jealous. Frankly, I'm green....

Kelly said...

You had me laughing with your sidewalk tirade!

Enjoy getting to spend time with your family.

Ji Hyang said...

Yes, it is good!
lucky Gabriel, to have this bonding time. We're finishing soon, too--

quid said...

What a great break in the action and it looks as though it is beautiful weather there. Loved Baudolino, but it took a while to wade thru it.

Loved the sidewalk tirade!