Friday, July 03, 2009

Lizard Dreaming of Birds (Review)

First, the disclosure: I am acquainted with the author. In fact, he is my neighbor, living right around the corner. Inevitably, my experience of the novel combines with my experience of him as a person.

This is a unique spirit quest novel, vision quest as horror story, with an unreliable narrator in one of its characters. There is an omniscient storyteller among the various characters who take hold of the narrative - or is the storyteller impersonating them?

Gist is on to something very powerful: exploring human darkness without lapsing into nihilistic gloom. The story rambles across the American west, from Alaska to urban Seattle to Wyoming, down through Colorado into the desert of southwestern New Mexico. In every location, the sense of place is a central theme of the novel, and they are all portrayed with authenticity.

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Kelly said...

Hmmm.... you definitely make it sound interesting.

I'll check it out at Amazon.

Pam said...

Think I'll check it out, too! :)