Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Am I Missing Here?

When I lived in Rhode Island, many of my neighbors were employed building submarines for our armed forces. A great many people depended on those production lines for employment, and our Congressmen worked hard to keep those lines open even when the Pentagon was cutting its budget.

It is not surprising, then, to know that Senators Kennedy and Kerry of Massachusetts are lobbying hard (alongside Lockheed Martin of course) to make the Pentagon buy more F-22 war planes. Never mind the fact that the Air Force does not want them (waaaay high maintenance), the Secretary of Defense does not want them (wants to spend that $1.75 billion elsewhere), and the Commander-in-Chief does not want them.

Jobs! The Senators want to keep jobs in their district. You can't blame them for that. It's their job.

It occurs to me, however, that Senator Kerry has been out there as a defender of the American Clean Energy and Security Act -- the far-reaching energy policy bill that, among other things, invests heavily in the "clean energy" manufacturing sector.

In other words, Kerry has been a supporter of legislation that saves factories slated for closure, and converts them into production lines for renewable energy technology.

So instead of lobbying for a war plane the military does not want, why doesn't Kerry simply lobby to make Massachusetts a major producer of energy technology?

Seems to be a good fit.


Kelly said...

Since when do our politicians ever do what's logical or sensible??

Pam said...

What you're missing, Alg, is $4 gas.

Even T. Boone's wind farms are on hold.

The idea of green energy and technology is good and I'm all for it. However, it's expensive, and most of us, regardless of a desire to go as green as possible, can't afford to go all out.

I have 2 recycle bins along with my 1 trash bin that are picked up each week ( recycle picked up bi-weekly) and I have replaced the majority of my light bulbs with the good kind ( that are a real bitch to dispose of when they break).

Most people in this economy can't afford to go too much greener than that. We can't afford to replace our appliances, windows, roofs, etc. with Energy Star, etc. brands or greener technology.

Most of us can't afford to replace ANYTHING that's still workable these days!

An emphasis on green technology is just not a high priority in this economy in practice. Perhaps in theory, but not in practice.

But, back to the short's that we aren't paying four bucks a gallon to run our vehicles.

Algernon said...

If we don't make the investment and build the infrastructure, it will not be ready when the non-renewable energy is used up.

Who ya gonna blame then?

Algernon said...

I had to revisit this because I didn't address part of Pam's comment.

Most consumers cannot individually afford to buy a highway, but the government funds them with our taxation so the cost to you as an individual is negligible. And you benefit by getting roads to drive on.

Most consumers cannot individually afford to build a system of utility poles, wiring, and transformers to bring electrical power to their house. But through taxation, at a cost negligible to an individual family, your home has power.

The flat cost of ACES to your household will amount to a postage stamp.

I'm glad you recycle and use longer-lasting light bulbs, of course. But this is only the beginning to addressing simple and impersonal facts about energy production versus consumption.

quid said...

But Algernon, that would be making sense. Something that people don't seem to be able to do after they've been in Congress awhile.


Anonymous said...

little detail..the mighty F22 superjet the Senators are pushing cannot fly in the rain. It's skin is too sensitive...I'm not kidding.