Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wishing Our Country Failure

"It appears that the Republican Party leadership in the Congress has made a decision that they want to deny President Obama success, which means, in my mind, they are rooting against the country, as well."

Rep. Henry Waxman

This is correct, and we really should be tired of it.

Anyone reading this blog knows we are no fans of the Democratic party here in the Burning House, and that we have been critical of Barack Obama since he was a candidate for President.

Winning is not everything, especially when it comes to the politics and the public's business. Yet for years I have watched the "win at any cost" mentality distort the public record, justice, and natural science all for the sake of winning elections. Meanwhile, innocent people die in unnecessary wars, sea levels rise, and even measures that enjoy public favor are not enacted because politicians are more nervous about their competition than the prospect of letting the public down.

You and I are to blame for putting up with this.

The failing of our anti-democratic two-party system is that now we have a majority party that fights with itself and waters down its best ideas, and a minority party that strategizes for the government to fail just so to gain an advantage in future elections.

Solutions, not victories, ladies and gentlemen. Thomas Paine was leery of political parties, especially national ones, for just this reason. As about many things, he was right.

I will give the Democrats this much: when they were the minority party, even during the presidency of Bush Jr,. they did not openly root for the United States to fail. The Republican Party, in this mode, does not deserve to govern an ice-cream truck.


dochong, jdpsn said...

go Algenon bro!

quid said...

It's shameful.

And embarrassingly wrong to the other countries in the world who look to us for leadership.