Friday, August 28, 2009

Anthony Abeson

The man was always in a blazer, collared shirt, with the tie loosened. And blue jeans. Back then, his hair and beard were not white. It was 1990 when we met. He was one of my first acting teachers. Our acting class was in a big room on the top floor of the Eugene Lang College in Greenwich Village.

Just discovered his web site tonight. God love him. A wonderful, passionate man of theatre and a good acting teacher. All these people on his website look like children to me. I'm so glad they know him.

The web site features some of Tony's writing. I have to share this with my readers. It is right, and reminds me how much he influenced me:

Read Tennessee Williams' wonderful poem, "The Dangerous Painters," which says that they put the masterpieces behind heavy gilt frames and red velvet ropes in museums because, if they were seen where they were painted, in the artists' studios, raw and immediate and accessible, they'd evoke the goat-like cry of "brother." But that's your job, to evoke that cry.
Damned right.

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