Thursday, August 13, 2009

Buffalo Ceremony

It was interesting to read this story about an ancient buffalo ceremony coming off the reservation and onto a college campus in North Dakota:

“In advanced, technological civilization we have stratification and division and segregation of ages,” he said. “In New York [young adults] are considered cool but when you get older you are discarded. Little children are expected to be little adults and no longer allowed to be kids. What I like here the most is … all the ages living together. Having the children around enlivens everything.”

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Pam said...

Love that article and like what it says about the mingling of generations and learning from one another.

More and more households, I've read, are comprised of extended family. Perhaps that's ome of the positives of the economy. It's also a reflection of other cultures in our neighorhoods who share their homes with parents, grandparents and children.

On a personal note, I find my boys much more tolerant and respectful of my generation because they live with me. I find them using expressions they've picked up that I picked up, etc...

They have asked questions and are stunned by the lack of things in my childhood that we have access to today.

I often get questions about 'how did we do such and such' when I was a kid.