Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Debunking Ourselves

Having made the case for dispassionate fact-checking and myth-debunking, we can move forward to debunking our own interior myths.

Nathan, who writes a wonderful blog called Dangerous Harvests, has a beautiful post about this today:

...even though I simultaneously laugh and cringe at the stories about Obama's birth, I know better than to think I'm above those kind of thought patterns. This doesn't mean I will stay quiet in the face of ridiculous political stunts, but it does mean that part of my job is to recognize the person behind the ridiculousness.

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Nathan said...

Sure is some ugly stuff going on at those town hall meetings - hard to know what is sadder, the spiral away from anything meaningful when it comes to health care reform, or the way people are making idiots of themselves, and creating racial hostility in the process ...