Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Short bits: Food

The President talked about starting a farmers' market on the White House lawn recently. He spoke of opening up a marketplace for local small food producers, and giving the community access to locally grown food at a good price. And on public land!

It is a sweet idea, yet a bit ironic. It comes from a playbook very different than the neoliberal free-trade paradigm that drives our policy on food and farming. A farmers' market would be nice, but how about reform at the USDA, a comprehensive review of the "Green Revolution," and implementing the "food sovereignty" paradigm at home and promoting it abroad?

Our governor is in Cuba this week, trying to open up a new market for exports from New Mexico farms.

The concept of "food sovereignty" as a paradigm for farming policy and land reform might be catching on: news from Jamaica and South Africa, and the struggle continues in Brazil, where a lot of interesting developments are going on.

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