Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Pre-Existing Condition

Today we learned that the health insurance I have been paying for to cover my family will not pay for my wife's recent examination at the gynecologist's. The reason stated was that she had a "pre-existing condition."

Thus, another memorable quote from my wife, when she called Presbyterian and demanded an explanation:

"I was born with a uterus. Is that my 'pre-existing condition?'"


Kelly said...

Great comment from Sarah!!

My brother and I were just discussing how we wish heath providers would do away with that "pre-existing" business. (or the ones that will drop someone once they develop an illness...)

Pam said...

Are we expecting again?

Crazy as it sounds that, in some cases, IS considered a pre-existing condition!!

As a female I find that offensive.

Hal Johnson said...

Sheesh. Sometimes it seems that the difference between organized crime and many insurance companies is that the insurance companies don't kill people directly. Sheesh.

Donna said...

Sounds right, Hal!

If things are the same as they were years ago, a routine-type exam for a male would be covered.

I have a friend who handles insurance claims. Tell Sarah to question the insurance company, ask where it's stated in the policy, etc., etc. He said you would not believe how many insurance companies just deny coverage because most of the time they can get away with it. I'm serious.

Most people don't question it, and for the ones that do, they just say it was an error and then they cover it. It's a gamble that they win big money on. It takes time and frustration, so most people just give up. That's the second half of their gamble. Even when they're wrong, they win by taking down their opponent.

quid said...



I don't know if you caught in an earlier post of mine that I am working for my second managed care insurance company (don't tell anyone, they may think me evil...) and, for the second time, I have found that my health care insurance does not factor in ANY pre-existing conditions. They take care of their own.