Saturday, October 24, 2009

Billionares For Wealth Care Strike Again, Brilliantly

Rachel Maddow gleefully reporting on a brilliant prank by the Billionaires For Wealth Care.


Pam said...

Sorry, MSNBC has become nothing more than the anti-FOX. I don't watch either channel.

I prefer CNN.

Algernon said...

Why does it matter which channel? The point is the protest, not the network. Would you be more content if I had put up a CNN story about it?

Algernon said...

As for the media criticism, I am not a major fan of any of these networks, but equating MSNBC with what Fox News and always has been -- a political operation in the guise of a news organization -- is simply buying into Fox's PR.

Fox was designed to be and has always functioned as a political machine, for profit and to give political support to activists and organizers on the hard right wing.

MSNBC is in business, and has a variety of non-editorial news programs, and editorial news programs designed to appeal to the right and the left.

Fox doesn't even make a distinction between editorializing and news reporting.

There is no equivalence, I am sorry.

quid said...

I'm not as big an MSNBC fan as I was -- I still get a kick out of Olbermann's earnestness, but I like him better in sports. Ed and Hardball are too strident. I used to watch Morning Joe (MSNBC's more conservative segment) but I can't stand Joe's attitude towards women or the fact that Buchanan is on so much.

The exception? I love the aserbic with of Rachel Maddow. This was a funny clip. The Sun Will Come Out. Tomorrow.

Pam said...

Both FOX and MSNBC are skewed to the opposite political wings. FOX is ultra conservative and MSNBC ( which I used to watch until it became the anti-FOX) has skewed itself to the far left. Both channels are bias to their political leanings.

I prefer CNN because, for the most part, it takes a center view or, at least, gives us the news and gives both sides of political issues on a regular basis.

FOX doesn't. CNBC doesn't anymore. It used to, but not since KO started jumped into the feud with the equally distasteful O'Reilly.

You're right about FOX. MSNBC is losing its credibility, too.

I watch CNBC and NBC when I watch local.

At least at CNN there are quite a few adults.

Algernon said...

Here's what we have, Pam:

You are ignoring this story entirely because of the network that reported it.

MSNBC has partisan opinion programs that lean to both preferences, and it also has non-partisan, non-editorial news reporting.

Fox simply does not. Even its straight news reporting is known for its rightward editorial slant, and the rest of its programming is all slanted to one political viewpoint.

They are not equivalent.

And we are still off the topic. The subject of this post is the protest by Billionares For Wealth Care, which is an interesting story whether it is being reported by CNN, MSNBC, Democracy Now, or Fox.

Pam said...

I did read the story, watched the clip and it is, as you said, interesting.