Friday, October 30, 2009

How One Tires

The first flat was bad news. I parked and as I left the car, I heard the hissing sound and lo, the tire was low. In the parking lot of the church, no less.

Some time after affixing the donut to my wheel, I discovered the second flat.

So I rolled into a gas station, fixing to fill that other flat up with air in hopes it would get me to the tire shop.

Put fifty cents in the air machine.

The air machine was broken.

How was your day?


Kelly said...

Did you really say you were "fixing to do" something?! I thought only folks from my part of the country used that expression!

Sorry you had a bad day. My day was wet and flooding. Not as bad as many others, though.

Pam said...

Bummer, Alg! Not a fun day.

Yesterday was exhausting, but today has nearly done me in. Found a leak around the chimney ( called and left a message for a roofer I have used ), then tried to unclog a gutter that was clogged with acorns (found it while on the ladder by the chimney). I spend over an hour with the hose and a flexible rod trying to unclog the gutter. After an hour + I unclogged it.

Now my back is in agony and I still have Halloween to get through.

I'm too old for all this crappola!! *sigh*

You'd think I'm the only person who lives in this house. I'm just the only one who does anything beside play or loll around in bed.

Sorry, guess I'm burning out. I feel much like your tires! :)

Algernon said...

Hope you feel better, Pam.

quid said...

Somehow, our wires got crossed and you are living my life of... "none of the little physical things ever seems to go wrong in a small way".