Friday, October 16, 2009

October 15 - Protests In The U.S. [CORRECTED]

[I wrote this on Thursday, but didn't post it until this morning. And I forgot to change the references to 'today.' Very sloppy, my apologies.]

People don't like being expendable.

Yesterday, October 15, was a day when a great many people in various places showed up, sitting in or marching because they are tired of being expendable.

In several U.S. cities, there were protests and civil disobedience at the offices of several large health insurance companies. I admit, with some shame, that I did not answer this call although there was a protest in Phoenix, only a few hours away from me. Logistically I could not free myself for it -- but I will try next time, as the insurance companies now exert power over our lives that can be called tyrannical, and they are wielding it tyrannically. It calls for people to stop hoping the Democratic Party will grow spines, and for an authentic grassroots movement to demand reform by pouring sand into the machinery of daily life.

In the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, there was also a national day of protest over government cuts that have eliminated 17,000 jobs and additional layoffs. There are additional complaints about social stratification and neglect or abuse of the poor. More on the cuts here. There are videos here.

People don't like being expendable.


Pam said...

Just out of curiosity, Alg, what is the health care reform you endorse and how do you think we get to it from here? Also, how do we pay for it?

Algernon said...

This question gets a post of its own.