Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fall Hits Hemlock

Fall has fallen on Deming. This is our block, covered with leaves. Luna County is a nice place for enjoying autumn. We get the tactile sensations of changing colors, crunching footsteps, and the smells of earth getting ready for winter, yet it is warm outside, so you can enjoy the sunshine as you throw your boy into piles of leaves. By the time the chill hits your bones, it's well into the night and there is no reason to turn down a cup of hot chocolate before bed.

Unemployment here is so heavy, one frequently sees people going door to door looking for yard work or other odd jobs. We have a 17-year old neighbor who recently had a baby -- by the way, teenage pregnancies are also very high in our county -- and she is need of cash. Her daughter's father is, um, not around. She asked my wife if she could rake up our leaves for a few dollars. We said yes, and so she came over with a friend of hers and the two did a rapid and thorough job. (We plan to leave gifts of baby wipes and Mylicon at her doorstep, too.)

Deming remains a windy city (another reason, perhaps, that in its early days as a railroad village, it was given the nickname "New Chicago"), and no doubt there will soon be more work to do. Not today, however. There are deadlines, there are pressures, and more leaves a-falling, and the sorrows are weighing rather heavy, lately; but let's take a moment today for something more important.

Like, for instance, fastening clothespins onto my son.


Pam said...

Love the clothes pin photo! Alg, I hope there are no serious sorrows in your life!!!

Holding you and your family in my thoughts and heart.

Kelly said...

Funny with the clothespins.

Ji Hyang said...

another picture, a thousand words
Happy Thanksgiving!