Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Note Regarding Honduras

[Similar email message sent to the State Department and the White House. It took less than five minutes.]

Dear ______,

Our policy regarding the coup in Honduras simply does not make sense. I have one suggestion to make as a way to move forward.

As things currently stand, the people of Honduras have no right to peaceful assembly without arbitrary arrest. Several human rights organizations have documented deaths, torture, arbitrary detentions, and repression of news media. Indeed, I have to wonder why our government is being silent on this abuse of civil rights.

Even if the Micheletti regime halted this crackdown, there would still be less than three weeks before elections are scheduled to take place. Their normal election cycle is three months.

Under these conditions, there cannot be free elections in Honduras in November of 2009.

My suggestion, therefore, is to insist that President Zelaya be restored to power, and for elections to be scheduled three months from the date of his return and a return to a free society in Honduras. This would permit some semblance of a normal electoral process.

Failing that, we should not recognize the results of such an election.

It seems, however, that our government is preparing itself to stand behind a fraudulent process on November 29, going against the deliberate and rational opinion of other nations in our hemisphere. They are calling this what it is: a coup d'etat, plain and simple.

The honest truth is that under this new regime, civil liberties and democracy have been suspended. Will you call for their restoration in explicit terms?

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