Monday, November 09, 2009

The Weeping Cashier

Had to make a run to the Peppers supermarket last night. I needed a gift for my "secret pal."

At school, we have "secret pals." We leave each other little gifts and cards during the year. I was looking for my secret pal's favorite beverage. They did not have it for sale, so I picked up a few other items we needed: olive oil, some chips, that kinda thing.

The cashier rang up my purchase without saying a word. I noticed that she was weeping through the entire transaction.

Don't know.


Debby said...

This would be the difference between men and women. We'd have stood there patting her on the back while our ice cream melted. We would not have left until we knew the full story and had offered comforting words.

Algernon said...

Oh, I said something.