Friday, December 11, 2009

An Alert from the Clear View Project

I share the following as a supporter of the Clear View Project, an international Buddhist peace project that supports and attempts to help Buddhist monks who are held as political prisoners in Burma. Regardless of religious vocation, no human being should be treated this way, and the small act of sending a letter saying so is worth the time.

With that, I give the floor to the good folks from Clear View.


Medical treatment needed immediately three male Prisoners of Conscience, U Gambira, Min Ko Naing and Zaw Htet Ko Ko are in need of immediate medical treatment. The three men have all been denied adequate medical treatment. In the absence of regular contact between political prisoners and their families, and of independent monitoring of prisoners' welfare, individuals are even more vulnerable to harsh prison conditions which amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. The International Committee of the Red Cross has not been able to visit prisons in Myanmar since the end of 2005.

Buddhist monk and protest leader,
U Gambira, a founding member of the All Burma Monks Alliance (ABMA), has contracted malaria. It is not known whether he is currently receiving any medical attention for malaria. U Gambira is in poor health generally and also suffers from asthma. He has previously been denied access to medical treatment in prison and has been subjected to torture and other forms of ill-treatment. U Gambira is currently serving a 63 year sentence for his role in leading major anti-government demonstrations in Myanmar in August - September 2007.

Veteran pro-democracy leader,
Min Ko Naing is suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension), an eye condition, numbness in his hands, and gout. He is being held in a small, dark cell and the conditions are said to be affecting his eye condition. Initial requests for treatment were denied and he has still not received adequate medical treatment. Min Ko Naing was sentenced on 11 November 2008, to 65 years' imprisonment for his role in starting the large anti-government protests in 2007.

Zaw Htet Ko Ko, 88 Generation Students group activist, has been suffering from stomach pain and has lost a significant amount of weight. He has received some medical treatment for his problem, but it is not clear whether the treatment is sufficient or appropriate. He also has high blood pressure. Zaw Htet Ko Ko is serving 11 years in prison, with hard labor, for his involvement in the 2007 peaceful anti-government protests.

PLEASE SEND APPEALS BEFORE 14 JANUARY 2010 to officials below.
Postage to Burma & Thailand from the US is $.98

  • Minister for Home Affairs Maung Oo
Ministry of Home Affairs
Office No. 10
Naypyitaw, Union of Myanmar
Fax: +95 67 412 439
Salutation: Dear Minister

  • Minister of Information Brigadier-General Kyaw Hsan
Ministry of Information Bldg. (7),
Naypyitaw, Union of Myanmar
Salutation: Dear Minister

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Nyan Win
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Naypyitaw, Union of Myanmar
Salutation: Dear Minister

  • Ambassador to the United States
Embassy of the Union of Myanmar
2300 S. St. NW
Washington, DC 2008
Fax : (202) 332-4351
Dear Ambassador

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country:

  • Scot Marciel
Deputy Assistant Secretary,
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
U.S. Embassy Bangkok
120/22 Wireless Road
Bangkok, Thailand 10330

Dear Minister,

I am writing to express my concern for the treatment of the political prisoners in your jails. I am concerned that they are not being given proper medical care, nutrition, and humane treatment.

The lack of medical treatment and poor conditions in Myanmar's prisons has severely harmed the health of many prisoners, of whom a significant number have serious medical conditions that remain untreated.

At this time, I am especially concerned about three prisoners who are very ill - - U Gambira, Min Ko Naing and Zaw Htet Ko Ko.

I ask you to give them and all prisoners immediate, proper medical treatment.

I call on you to release the three men immediately and unconditionally, once they have received the urgent medical treatment that they require.

Further, I call on the Burmese government to ensure that all detainees are treated humanely, with full respect for their human rights, and ensure that no one is subjected to torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

Thank you for your prompt attention to the welfare of these and all political prisoners. The world is watching Burma.

In Peace,

May there be no deception of one another.
May loving kindness envelop the world and may there be peace on earth.

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