Thursday, January 07, 2010


New Mexico is a "balanced budget" state, and by law cannot borrow funds to cover its budget shortfall.

Like most of us, they also haven't figured out that capitalism is a "boom and bust" system, and that you have to prepare for the busts by maintaining taxes while times are good. When the bottom dropped out, the state could not cover the shortfall.

Thus, Governor Richardson is compelled to propose a tax increase during bad times -- a hard sell, politically.

Anyway, huge spending cuts are in the offing. Education endured one round of cuts, and the surgeons are coming back for more. One proposal would cut my salary; there are worse possibilities, too. For sure, it appears that the tuition reimbursement I depend on to fund my licensure work is probably going away -- which will cost me thousands of dollars if I stay.

There are no words of wisdom here. Just going to do my job this morning with the whooshing sound of a razor-sharp pendulum swinging overhead.

Whoosh, clink. Whoosh, clink. Whoosh, clink.

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Pam said...

Education is suffering the lean times around here, too. We still have the "Robin Hood" deal here where the wealthier districts have to help the poorer districts.

The so-called "wealthy" tax base here has suffered from the times and it's affecting our own school system.

One of the things about to disappear are the 30 Crisis subs ( I'm one...) in the elementary schools. It's a pricy job and it's been a boon while my daughter has been out of work, but I'm about to have to go back to 'regular' subbing, I fear.