Sunday, January 24, 2010

Is This Planned Obsolescence?

A list of things that have broken in this household over the last two weeks:

Television set: dead.

DVD player: dead.

CD player: occasionally does not eject disks, then starts working again after several days.

Digital camera: dead.

Stove: rear burner stopped working.

Pocket watch: minute hand now advances too fast.

...and my car is behaving strangely.

A bit much, all at once.


quid said...

Bad juju. I hate it when bad stuff travels in packs.


Kelly said...

Guess we can assume the computer was next if we don't hear from you again for awhile.

Pam said...

I'm sending 'working' vibes to the computer, Alg!

Sorry to hear about all the malfunctions.

Debby said...

Ooooh. Are you supercharged with electricity maybe?